Full employment
Price stability
Price stability is one of the main goals of economic policy.
The government wants stable prices
This is because….
People are not able to afford as much. This is because …. As a result
Workers might ask for higher wages. This is a problem because

What is economic growth?
How is economic growth measured?
Economic growth is measured by looking at GDP
How is the economic growth of the UAE?
The UAE has grown in recent years
What are the advantages of economic growth?
More economic growth means more income
This means better living standards, improved life expectancy and better public

Define freedom
Why is freedom an important policy for governments?
When individuals are free they are more likely to make purchases in a country.
This is important because…….
When a nations is free they will have the confidence to open businesses. This is
important because …..

Who upholds the freedoms that we have? How?
The government has laws and the police that uphold our freedoms.


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