Includes independent and dependent variables (in the most instances)
It should be related to Professional Development.

Divide your project into clearly defined sections as below:

Summarise the purpose, methods, findings, and interpretation of the findings and their Implications.
Should be 1 paragraph
NOTE: DO NOT present information in the abstract that is not found elsewhere in the project.

Provide brief background information leading to the statement of the problem/issue that
intrigues research. The introduction should address the objectives of the study/project.
Thus, the introductory section should include:

  • brief background about the topic
  • development of the problem
  • objectives of the study

Review of relevant reliterature on the key variables involve in the study.
Provide sufficient details to allow the context of the work to be thoroughly understood. Thus,
provide clear descriptions of the context of the study and participants along with strategies to be
used for data collection and analysis.
Since a secondary data will be used, a content analysis or structured literature review approach
should be explain under this heading.

Summarizes the key findings of the review in general terms, then draw some conclusions from the

State recommendations for future research directions and improvement. In other words, make
recommendations/suggestions for improvement.

List down all authors/work cited in the main document (use American Psychological Association APA
referencing style).

Include appendixes if any/applicable. If there is more than one appendix, they should be identified
as A, B, C or I, II, III.

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