We’re often told small to medium-sized businesses are the backbone of any economy. According to the
European Commission (2003), entrepreneurial activity enhances productivity by increasing competitive
pressure on other firms to improve efficiency or introduce innovation. Increased Efficiency and innovation
improves the competitive strength of the economy, generating consumer benefits in the form of better
quality, wider choices and lower prices. The subject of promoting entrepreneurship amongst the youth is
gaining prominence across the world, especially in the MENA region. A number of reports have suggested
a high correlation between levels of entrepreneurial activity and Economic growth. Countries with high rates
of entrepreneurial activity are generally seen to be more Innovative, adaptable and more likely to introduce
new or improved products and services.
Using research findings as a tool analyze the following and submit as a report.

  1. Explain the key concept of entrepreneurship and its role in business.
  2. What is defined as a small business in UAE? Describe the important role small business plays in
    developing the economy and provide your valuable suggestions to promote small business among
    youngsters in UAE.


  1. Total marks for the individual assignment is 20
  2. Work to incorporate your questions and answers into a fluid essay rather than merely writing the questions and
    adding the answers.
  3. Your response should not exceed more than 10 pages, excluding cover page and reference page, submitted as a
    Word document. (Pdf is not accepted)
  4. Use APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate.
  5. The student should consider the following elements when preparing the assignment report;
     Cover Page
     Introduction
     Body
     Conclusion
     References

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