Topic: Internet banking service quality and its implication on customer satisfaction. (Rewrite the topic)
Just answer those 5 question without writing introduction and conclusion and write the answer under
each question

  1. The idea: you must write about your “story” showing the wish/interest to do a research with evidence
    including hyperlink for source(s) that you used when you initially thought about doing your research.
    The wish must be related to a challenge related to Quality and/or Business Excellence in the UAE. It’s
    should from news or official report
  2. The question: you must clarify your two concepts (C1:…… ; C2:……), field (tourism, healthcare,
    banking, etc.), and territory (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc.). Write 2 question related to the topic, change
    the idea to research question (concept should be from the topic like customer satisfaction and
    service quality)
    After the question, you need to add the type of research design (causal, evaluative, etc.).
    NOTE: At least one of the two concepts must be related to quality and/or business excellence.
  3. Aim: after writing the aim you need to add between brackets where the verb that you have selected
    is located in the Bloom’s taxonomy table, i.e. analyze, evaluate, or create.(use Blooms taxonomy to
    select the verb and should select from analyze, evaluate, or create just ) , change research question
    to research aim using verb from Blooms taxonomy
  4. UAE context: you must clarify what type of institutions will benefit from your research. In addition,
    you need to specify how your topic is related to a local challenge, vision, etc. (explain how the
    research is related to UAE context
  5. Quality and Business Excellence: Using academic journals (Explain how the topic is related to
    the quality and business Excellence). Using academic journals that you can access
    essentially from ProQuest (available in your LMS account), you need to give definitions
    (using citations in APA style) for both concepts that you have decided in the research
    idea, question and aim. (2 journal that I send will help you in this part, write the meaning
    of 2 concept from author said)
    For example: Concept 1: “is defined as ……….(author name, year)*
     Concept 2: “is defined as …………..(author name, year)*  

*You may add here full details for above references using APA style or I will check later
your references list after uploading your final report.

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