Cover Page – Topic Title, Include an Image on the cover page related to your topic
2) Introduction – (600-800 words)
Provide an introduction of your paper – Why is your topic important? What value does your
research paper provide? Why should I read your paper?
Then provide 3 summaries of academic articles in this format:

  • Methodology
  • Critique- Comparison
  • How is it related to your work.
    Conclusion –
    Include your research question, Your Hypothesis, Your Independent Variables, Your
    Dependent Variable.
    3) Methods – Indicate your sample size, what type of sample is it? where the study was
    done, on who? What was the response rate for the pilot study? What did you do to the
    questions to make them better for the real survey? What was the response rate for the real
    Response rate:

= response rate %

4) Results- Data Representation. Each Graph or Table must be labeled. For example:
Question 1, Question 2,
Data Interpretation- Do not repeat all the percentages in the graph!! Just highlight one
important finding and make a conclusion.
5) Discussion – Write a discussion that is related to your literature review from your
introduction. Do the results support the literature review? Explain by referring back to the
literature review by using in-text citations.
6) Conclusion – Was your research question supported?

What are the strengths and limitations of using surveys?
Suggest future research to improve your study.
7) APA References

  • At least 3 academic articles
  • APA Style
  • In-text citation within the paper is necessary.
    8) Overall Scientific Strength
    Must provide an understanding of scientific research methods
    Must be focused and clear.
    Attach a copy of the Pilot Survey Questions and Real Survey Questions

Anything received after due date will NOT BE GRADED!!

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