Please try to work around the word limit provided here:

  • Introduction – 250 words
    o What is Business Oriented Information Systems, why is it important. What are workflow systems.
    What models are typically used to analyse business workflows and strategies (don’t explain them
    in details, just introduce them here) – end by saying you will study XYZ company using the above
    mentioned models to understand their workflow and business strategy (250 words)
  • Business Description – 100 words
  • Business Strategy – 100 words
    o Use tables and diagrams where appropriate to explain the three Porter’s model. For Five forces,
    below the diagram, provide explanations for the grade of the threat identified in bullet points.
    For generic and value chain, simply add the diagrams with text in the diagrams and then give a
    100 word conclusion to the section with an overview of what the business strategy is
  • Workflow Analysis – 450 words
    o Give the triangle and explain each sub section in bullet point, end with the snapshot
     Conclusion – website – 100 words. Does it have a web presence? Does the website focus on workflow
    and system? Screenshots of website Conclusion – establish need to analyse website further
    Using Word to develop a report, ensure to have Header/Footer, Margin regular, Font size 10 Arial, with
    appropriate headings, Table of Content – refer to marking criteria for details
    Remember to submit the final report to Turnitin 24 hours before your tutorial. You can use the tutorial to finalize,
    print and submit to tutor in class.

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