Read the “InterContinental Hotels Group PLC: Holiday Inn Division” case provided on
blackboard and answer the following questions:
Part A

  1. Write a detailed literature review on segmentation, targeting and positioning (15 marks)
    Part B
  2. What type of market segmentation strategy is InterContinental Hotels following? What
    variables is the InterCon group using to segment its market, support your answer with
    examples (6 marks)
  3. Is InterContinental’s portfolio of brands an advantage or disadvantage? Assess the pros
    and cons of operating in so many segments of the market (4 marks)
  4. What kind of positioning strategy should the company adopt for Holiday Inn and Holiday
    Inn Express? (7 marks)
  • Competitive analysis
  • POP and POD
  1. Draw a perceptual map for any one of the brands of the InterContinental Group. (3
    Please ensure you provide both in-text citations as well as a bibliography at the end
    (especially for Part A)

Submission: 13 th October 2018
Maximum Limit: 4000-5000 words
Group Size: 2-5; not more than

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