Below you will find 7 questions. Kindly follow the instructions and answer the accordingly:
Read the PDF named Chapter 12 and answer the below 5 questions:

  1. What were the three areas of interest for France in Syria? Give a brief explanation of
    each of these areas of interest.
  2. Why was Lebanon “born schizophrenic”? Explain – in detail – the meaning of this
  3. What was the Lebanese National Pact of 1943? What did it represent to Lebanese
    Christians and Muslims? How is the National Pact related to the 1932 census?
  4. Explain how Sharif Husayn of the Hijaz was regarded by Arabs and Muslims after the
    First World War.
  5. Why did regionalism, Pan-Arab unity, and Islamic solidarity arise in the Middle East
    between the First and Second World Wars? What are some basic principles of each of
    these ideas?

Read the PDF named Chapter 4 and answer the below 2 questions in a separate document:

  1. What was Eastern Question diplomacy?
  2. You have three reformers in this chapter:
    ● Sultan Selim III,
    ● Muhammad Ali,
    ● Sultan Mahmud II.
    Identify the similarities and differences between their reform efforts.

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