Identify at least three ways that climate change is threatening global food security.

Answer: Answers will vary.

Diff: 4

Skill: Analyzing

Section: Why Don’t All People Have Access to Nourishing Food?

Learning Outcome: 16.2

Explain in detail why children develop severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and micronutrient deficiencies more often than adults.

Section: What Problems Are Linked to Undernourishment?

Learning Outcome: 16.3

List and discuss the three micronutrients that are major public health concerns in impoverished nations. Identify at least one successful attempt to address one of the deficiencies.

Answer: Answers will vary.

Section: What Problems Are Linked to Undernourishment? and What Initiatives Are Addressing the Challenges of Good Food?

Learning Outcome: 16.3 and 16.7

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