Compare the Four Fields of Anthropology, discussing what each one adds
to our understanding of humanity.
2) Choose ONE of the four fields and discuss the same
3) Choose an ancient culture or Archeological site and research it. Who’s
studying it, what is it, how old, who are the people who lived there etc.
4) Research the history of a tool or tools and explain their development and
5) Write a paper on the Modes of Production and what each one
meant/means for how people live their daily lives. You can give examples
from various cultures past and present.
6) You can propose another topic!!!

Your Paper must follow these guidelines:

1) 12 point New Times Roman font. 1.5 spacing
2) Minimum of 3000 words (about six or seven pages)
3) Cover and references pages do not count toward length
4) Papers are Individual. No group or pair submissions.

We will not have presentations, but we will have group discussions where
you’ll discuss your topic with a group of other students.

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