Teaching Learners with Special Needs
Course Teacher:
Task Title: Report on the integration of Special Needs in mainstream


Task Description: Focusing on the Special Need that you have used in your

presentation: ( Intellectual disability)
 Discuss classroom organization for the integration
of the special need emphasizing the strategies for
teaching and learning in mainstream schools.  This
includes teaching methods and resources.
 Include activities and specialists that could possibly
work on the IEP.
 Use 3 Academic Literature Articles or Journals
Special Instructions: Discuss the teaching and learning strategies that you need to
consider as a teacher of a student with a Special Need in a
mainstream classroom (1,200 words).
This assignment includes the following:

o Describe the Special Need and the unique teaching
and learning challenges for these students (100
o Define (accommodations and modifications).
Suggest two accommodations and two
modifications that you could use in the
classroom.(400 words)
o List specific objectives that are likely to be
included for a child with this particular SEN in
the IEP. Think about each of the domains.
(600 words)
o Describe assistive devices and how these will
contribute to a better education of this child
(100 words).
Reference list of sources cited in the essay.

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