You have recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management and
Anderson Associates, a company with a well-diversified portfolio has hired you as a
junior executive assistant to the Business Development Manager. Your line manager
wants to assess your knowledge on the management concepts you have studied
before he delegates official assignments. For this purpose he first requests you to
prepare a report of 1000s words and answer a case study focussing on the business
Task 1- Individual Report writing and case study analysis (25 marks)
LO1: Assess the internal and external business environment
1a. Choose a GCC airline and write a report on how the internal and external
environment is affecting the operations of the airline. (10
Guidelines for 1a:
a. Discuss how the internal environment derives competitive advantage for the
airline. (2marks)
b. Brief about PESTEL and its impact on the airline. (4
c. Discuss few current internal and external environmental issues especially the
Euro crisis influencing the airline. (2marks)
d. Discuss the two strategies adopted by the airline to tap thriving yet unexplored

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