1-Learning Outcomes being assessed:

  1. Analyze how training and development contribute to the overall success of the organization.
  2. Design a training needs analysis tool.
    2 – Assignment Requirements
    Each student will write a short 3-4 page report (1-2 page for journal of interview, 2 pages for the
    summary report) based on interview with experienced trainer or HR expert to “identify the best
    practices how training and development contribute to the overall success of the organization and how
    to develop a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Tool in the organization”
    3 – Main Guideline:
  3. This is an individual task.
  4. Each student will choose and interview an experienced Trainer or HR expert from various industries in UAE.
  5. The interview questions must focus on the following areas:
    3.1 How to develop Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Tools in the organization
    3.2 What are the Best Practices in developing TNA Tools
    3.3 How Training and Development can contribute to the overall success of the organization
    Note: The students must prepare/write 10 -15 relevant questions for interview, based from the above
    areas/ requirements (3.1, 3.2,and 3.3).
  6. After the interview, students will have to prepare
    4.1 Journal for Interview (1-2 pages)
    The Journal must contain the following:
    a. Complete personal details of the Trainer/HR Expert (Complete Name, Job Position and
    Name of Organization, Mobile or Organization’s phone number).
    b. The date, place, time, and length of interview.
    c. List of 10-15 relevant questions asked from the Trainer/HR Expert and his/her corresponding
    response/s during the interview.
    4.2 Written Report (2 pages); must be linked to 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3. requirements
    Note: Students should write a summary report based from interview conducted earlier
    Course: Training & Development Semester: Spring 2017
    Code: BUS 4343 Lecturer: Dr. Sarwar
    Handout date: 17 – Jan- 2017 Due date: 31 – Jan– 2017
    Assignment #: Individual Project Home Assignment Maximum Mark: 10%


5 -Handing in format instructions
 Sign this page and put it as a cover for your assignment when submitting Hard copy in class on due
 Submit a softcopy of your work in Safe Assign and make sure to Number all pages.
 Work must be typed using Front size 12, double space in Times New Roman.
 Word Limit :
 500 – 1000 words / 1 – 2 pages for Interview Journal
 1000 – 1250 words / 2 pages for the short written report
 Mention all references used in the assignment using the APA style referencing
 Please Use formal English writings
6-Academic Integrity

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