your opinion, how would you describe the culture of your company? Is it focus on
persons or tasks? Does it emphasis on equity or hierarchy? Person and equity ( we call
our employees “ our ladies and gentlemen “ – we have our gold standards which is our
philosophy and we are guided with it. One of our philosophy is Motto which is “ We are
Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen” we believe in it and we breath it
and what keeps as unique is that it’s not a lip service but we practice it, every day or
before we start our shift we have something we call it a line up where we discuss our
philosophy from the gold standards – the gold standards of the day were we discuss one
of the standards and what make as unique is that in every branch of Ritz Carlton we have
the same gold standards of the day that we practice it. ( it is commitment to quality )

  1. What strategy does your company follow in terms of your managing across culture? Does
    it apply ethnocentric, geocentric or polycentric predispositions? In case of your branch in
    the UAE would you apply the same strategy in the US? in case of the country law its
    different from one country to another “ salary, holidays and days working “ – but the
    main principle of HR that everyone is equal. – best people to fit the position “ talented”
    Theme 2: Rules and policies applied in selecting employees based on international human
    resource management in international hotels
  2. What are the selection criteria that are used by your organization in international staffing?
    How could you diverse in selecting your employees ” age, gender, skills, …etc. “?
    Very Long selection process, first they must do an online assessment for that position –
    the formula is ( talent + fit = investment ) this is the perfect match of the selection
    process , the investment that we have is the training programs and the formula could be
    also ( talent + fit + investment = growth ) which we will have ( GIFT ) from the first
    letter of this formula which mean every person is selected is a gift for the company.
    We have around 60 nationalities around the branches.
  3. What are the recruitment processes “ rules or policies” in case of selecting an
    employee’s? Do they need any training to join the organization ?
    standardize – in interviewing employees for a job they are asked a situational questions
    and according to the answers we chose the talented one that will fit the right position “
    according to the experience”.
    No need for the training but it is necessarily in some cases.
    Job or tasks is teach everywhere but the talent is important.
    Equal opportunity and equal growth ( no favor for any person all are equal )
    Theme 3: Strategies or tactics in selecting dual career couples for international
  4. How do you select employees for international assignments?
    Task force assignment –
  5. What are the offers that your company provides for an employee’s going for international
    assignments? For example any type of training, insurance, … etc.?
    Remain for that benefit – the place that we go to pays for as but also we get our salary
    and still covered from health insurance, life insurance, all the benefits stay.
    In some case, the position requires a training.
  6. Do you think that transferring staff for international activities could affect the company?
    In what way?
    it consider a growth for both company and employees because the knowledge and
    experience is transferred from both sides.
    Theme 4: Human Resource department following the quality standers in staffing
  7. What quality Standards do you apply in staffing your employees locally and
    job specific training “ operational certification “
  8. What are the challenges faced by your organization in staffing? what advice would you
    give? Because it grow faster they need many talented employees / very big challenge for
    the hotel industry , from the new generation
    More difficult in the US because of the labor are more difficult in term of the high wages.
  9. Can you give some suggestions for improving the current staffing practices in your
    Expose moral , to get more talented /
    CSR activities, teaching students what is life skill which is too important
    e.g. community footprint – improve the community
    every employee should and must do 1 activity for the community in 1 year.

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