Teacher Guidelines – 
here are some guidelines from the teacher, please don’t ignore.
Check these notes and the attachment. 
I’ve chosen Emirates Airlines Already.
a) Internal = What is inside the company ?
   -how good are the employees , equipment technologies?
   – What type of values?
   – What type of principles?
   – Organaizational cultural; Training, Paying, Employees, Working condition.
   – Type of leadership in company.
   – Finance; What they get and how do they raise funds.
b) What is pestle? ( write a brief )
    – Technology factor (how advanced) updating system.
    – Social factor
    – Political 
c) How internal – external effecting the company?
    – external: How was (euro crisis) effected the company effected trumps, open
    – internal: tech, employee, finance ?

d) Two strategies adopted by the airline to tap thriving yet unexplored
    – code sharing 
    – airlines 
    – partnership

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