(NOTE: There is no assigned number of pages for this
assignment. Just make sure that you do your best)
 The Document that you write should first
 Introduce the project and list the question and the answer
opinions of the project.
You should write at least a one whole paragraph of each
QUESTIONS / SUGGESTED you can add other questions (all in the

  1. What was life like growing up in UAE
  2. Explain something about Social Relations: family life
    including nuclear and extended family, marriage etc.
  3. What were the traditional religious practices
  4. Describe some aspects of the lifestyle (food, clothing etc.)
  5. What type of entertainment did they engage in?
  6. What type of education if any, was available?
  7. What type of work, business, or trade did they engage in?
  8. What was the role of women/men?
  9. What was the system of leadership?
  10. What is your opinion about the present development of
    the UAE? Expats, Economic Development, Culture, Is the
    rapid development posing a threat to Emirati culture?
  11. What do you know and remember about Sheikh Zayed?

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