Read the article (available in the library) “Krotov et al (2011) “ERP Implementation
Gone Terribly Wrong: The Case of Natural Springs”. Ask Dr Judy there if you can’t find
it! Communications of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 28, Article 18.”
a) Give short definitions/descriptions for the specialized words in the article (5 marks)

  1. Provincial cities
  2. Subsidiary
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Loath
  5. Arbitrate
  6. Compromised
  7. Disarray

b) Answer the questions for each section (1 mark each) (its one mark only don’t write a
Teething Pains
 What were some of the early challenges that Natural Springs faced?
 Were these challenges similar or different to other firms operating in the
emerging free markets of the former Soviet Union?
ERP Project
 Why did the CFO believe an ERP system would benefit the company?
c) Discuss the lessons of this case. (170 words) (5 marks)
Why did the ERP implementation fail? Answer in terms of:

o Package Selection
o Critical Success Factors
 What can we learn from this scenario?

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