What are some of the major features / characteristics of the post – WW II bipolar era and why did this era in
world politics come to an unexpected ending? List and briefly explain some of the most common reasons that
have been cited as having led to the end of the Cold War!

  1. Compare, contrast and explain the two dominant theoretical frameworks within IR (INTERNATIONAL
    RELATIONS). Give examples when constructing your answers. Which one of the two approaches best explains
    the events of 9/11? What can other approaches such as Feminism add to our overall understanding of this event?
  2. What are the functions (positive and negative) generally ascribed to Nationalism and what challenges has the
    notion / concept of Nationalism been facing?
  3. What is globalization and how is it best characterized? Has globalization since the Cold War changed the basic
    character of world politics?
  4. Think of a recent foreign policy decision by a state and list the factors that might have influenced the decision at
    various levels. What factors could have limited a balanced and rational decision making process?
  5. What factors have generally contributed to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism? Why have Arab/Muslims states
    and societies not been able to unite under the banner of Islam? List and briefly explain!
  6. List some of the ways in which religion can affect world politics! Provide evidence to support your claims and
    touch on the reasons as to why ‘ religion has been marginalized in the field of IR!
  7. How can power in international relations be measured? What are problems in accurately determined power?
    What are the implications of hegemony for the world order?

Debate topics :
In the in – class debate on XYZ both sider put forward a variety of arguments that were compelling. Please,
clearly lay out 2 significant arguments (total of 4 arguments) that each side presented in class. Which side, in
your mind, was more persuasive? Why so? Write 2 arguments about the Pro side and 2 arguments about the
Con side. (Pro: 2 arguments / Con: 2 arguments )

  • Are we in a New Clod War?
  • Is the World a Victim of American Cultural Imperialism?
  • Is Religious and Cultural Extremism a Global Security Threat?
  • Will china be the next super power?

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