I am a PHD level student and I would like you to help me with my research
My topic is: What is the relationship between Drug abuse and
Important: Do not waste words on lengthy definitions of Drug Abuse and
Schizophrenia. Briefly define them and then move on to discussing the topic.
This is a RESEARCH PAPER, i.e. you will use only valid and relevant
information (no source should be older than 2010). APA citation style
should be used throughout the paper. In-text citations should be clear.
Wherever you have taken information from the net cite it, I don’t want the
professor to think I made up the information from my head.
To give you an idea, I have attached my friend’s project (sample). She has a
different topic but the format she used is perfect according to the professor.
Do not repeat information in the research paper. It should have a logical
flow. Remember that you will be answering the research question.

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