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How environmental factors impact the experiences and life events of an adult Critically evaluate how environmental factors impact the experiences and life events of an adult who you know, and how these factors influence that person’s health, wellbeing, and use of support from others. First, you will need to identify an adult that you know. Second, as you will be focusing on the experiences of a specific person, it is very important that this person cannot be identified. Therefore, you must ensure their life events and experiences are made anonymous write a critical evaluation and not simply a descriptive account of a person’s experiences and life events.to define, explore and evaluate how internal and external environmental factors impact the life experiences of an adult. For example, , you could evaluate the ways in which biological and psychological processes have shaped the person’s experiences of physical and mental health and wellbeing. In your discussion, you might consider how much control the person had across their life course over the impact of these environmental factors on their health and wellbeing, and the extent to which they have been able to manage their health needs independently or have looked to external forms of support. Alternatively, you could consider using a framework or visual model of your own, perhaps based on a mind map. Regardless of your approach, you need to draw on material associated with Block 2 and your wider reading as key evidence, rather than merely describing the life experiences and life events of the person you are referring to. In summary, we anticipate that you will provide a critical evaluation of the key environmental issues that appear to have shaped or influenced a person’s life experiences – and their health and wellbeing – and the different forms of support they use. In addition to discussing these key issues more widely, we expect you to provide a critical discussion of the person-environment interactions. This assignment addresses the following learning outcomes: Knowledge and understanding 2. The interplay between physical, psychological, emotional, and environmental factors in adult development and relationships. Cognitive skills 6. Critically evaluate the relationship between individual and environmental factors in the provision of adult health and social care.

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