Which is a better anticoagulant for the elderlyNovel anticoagulants or warfarin ?

 Conscious or moderate sedation is a form of general anesthesia, it results in partial or complete loss of consciousness without reducing normal respiratory drive. True or False a. True b. False Question 18 Duration of action is a. The time it takes for the drug to elicit a therapeutic response b. The time it takes a drug to reach its maximum therapeutic response C. A corresponding response to increasing drug concentrations at the site of action d. The time during which drug concentration is sufficient to elicit a therapeutic response Question 19 When teaching about over-the-counter (OTC) and herbal remedies, it is important to remember: a. Histamine-blocking agents should be taken with antacids to prevent gastrointestinal upset. b. Drug Interactions are rare with OTC products because OTC drugs are safer than prescription drugs. c. Herbal remedies and OTC drugs cannot be safely administered to infants, children, or pregnant or lactating women without first checking with the health care provider. d. Manufacturers of herbal remedies are required to provide evidence of safety and effectiveness, therefore it is important to check labels carefully Question 20 For which cultural group must the health care provider respect the value placed on preserving harmony with nature and the belief that disease is a result of ill spirits? a. Native Americans b. Hispanics C. Asian Americans d. African Americans Question 21 4 points Save Answe The medication order reads, “Give ondansetron (oran) 4 mg, 30 minutes before beginning chemotherapy to prevent taken by the nurse? the nurse note that the route missing from the order. What is the best action to be a. Give the medication intravenously because the patient may vomit b. Give the medication orally because the tabletsevalting doses Hold the medication the health care preserve to make rounds d. Contact the health care presenter to city the route of the medication ordered Moving to another question will save this response Question 22 of 25) Question 22 4 points Save Answer to herbal remedies that she has set aside so that she can avoiding any drugs which Jis visiting the prenatal Clinic today and share with your desire to go natural with her pregnancy. She shows you statement is correct? a Mosteibal remedies are nontone and sale for use during pregnancy b. She should read the labels carefully before use to check for cautionary warnings c. Products from different manufacturers are required to contain consistent amounts of hertat contents Question 23 The drugs given via the parenteral route a. Bypass the first-pass effect b. Decrease blood flow to the stomach c. Are altered by the presence of food in the stomach d. Exert their effects while circulating in the bloodstream Question 24 When reporting medication errors, documentation needs to include: a. Assessment of the patient status before, during, and after the error. b. The patient’s discharge information. C. The patient’s admission information d. The patient’s BMI (body mass index). Question 25 You are working during a very busy evening shift. The physician has just hurriedly given you a list of orders over the telephone. What would be the best way to avoid medication errors? a. Recopy the orders neatly on the order sheet b. Consult with the pharmacist for clarification Abbreviate dosages and products to save time. d. Repeat the verbal orders and spell the drug names aloud

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