improvement on in understanding the Communicate respect for variant cultural beliefs and practices: hele family members understand that their family member has a neurologic problem that may be part of the aging pro- cess. Explain how symptoms may become more progressive. @ http://evolve.e OBJECT Contrast the multiple scler Discuss the • Discuss the OUTLIN Myasthenia Pathophys Acetylcho CRITICAL THINKING CASE STUDY TR 79-vear-old man, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease whether amantadine is the whether amantadine is the same as carbidopa-levodona 10 vears ago. During his early treatment, he took selegiline. The and, if so, whether TR can take amantadine instead of and, if so, whether TR canta drug dosage was increased to alleviate symptoms. carbidopa levodopa. 1. How does selegiline alleviate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease? 5. What is the effect of amantadine on symptoms of Parkinson’s 2. What dietary changes should be made during the time TR disease? takes selegiline? onse to the family’s ques. 6. What would be an appropriate response to the Because TR developed numerous side effects and adverse reac- tion concerning the use of amantadine for TR? tions to selegiline, the health care provider changed the drug 7. What are the uses for dopamine agonists and COMT to carbidopa-levodopa. TR asks the nurse why the drug was inhibitors? changed. 8. Certain anticholinergic drugs may be used to control Parkin- 3. What are the similarities and differences between selegiline son’s disease symptoms. What is the action of these drugs, and carbidopa-levodopa? and what are their side effects? These anticholinergic drugs 4. What are the advantages of carbidopa levodopa? are usually prescribed for parkinsonism symptoms resulting TR’s family says they know a person with Parkinson’s disease from what? who takes the antiviral drug amantadine. The family asks Nursing Drug Multiple so Four Cl Immur KEY acetylche acetylch choline fascicu miosis NCLEX STUDY QUESTIONS 1. Which of the following assessment findings could the nurse see in a patient with Parkinson’s disease? (Select all that apply.) a. An abrupt onset of symptoms 5. Which is a nursing intervention for a patient taking carbidopa- levodopa for Parkinson’s disease? a. Encourage the patient to adhere to a high-protein diet. b. Inform the patient that perspiration may be dark and may

Briefly describe the triple aim and how HIT can support it, offering an example for each component of the triple aim

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