Discuss the general goals of the treatment of epilepsy and some of the problems commonly encountered in reaching them. Discuss social and occupational factors, not just the pharmacologic factors. 2. Discuss a generally accepted drug plan for intervening in status epilepticus (generalized convulsive) and state why prompt suppression seizures is essential but insufficient as the only goal. 3. Discuss why phenobarbital is no longer the drug of choice for epilepsy. (What are the disadvantages or serious risks of this drug?) 4. Discuss the drug treatment for Parkinson’s disease (PD), and discuss the current consensu on which agent or agents are recommended for initiating therapy in most patients with PD. 5. Discuss the interrelationships between the central nervous system (CNS) activities of dopamine and acetycholine as they affect the signs and symptoms of Parkinsonism and as they relate to the general biochemical approach to correcting neurotransmitter imbalances with anti-Parkinsonian drugs.

What is the Diet people with Parkinson Disease should follow?

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