Explain the basic differences, in terms of sites and mechanisms of action, among centrally acting muscle relaxants, baclofen, diazepam, and dantrolene. State how these different mechanisms and site of action relate to the drugs’ clinical uses. 19. Mr. Urlacher has been diagnosed as having MS. As part of his treatment, he is given baclofen (Lioresal) for muscle spasticity. He is your assigned patient fir the morning. Your clinical instructor has informed you that Mr. Urlacher has many questions about the use of baclofen for the treatment of spasticity. How will you best answer the following questions? “How does baclofen work?” “What are the side effects of this drug?” “What precautions will I need to be aware of with this drug?” “If I stop taking it, what can happen?” 20. Discuss at least 4 medications that are commonly prescribed to patients who have muscle spasticity (example, for MS patients). Name 4 specific medications and discuss the following of each: How do they work? What are the contraindications of the medications? What are the side effects?

What is the in-depth pathophysiology of bacterial meningitis?

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