What are the main contraindications for anticoagulants? 2. What is the specific antidote for heparins (all types)? 3. What is the specific antidote for Warfarin? What other methods are used to reverse the overdose/toxicity? List the adverse effects of anticoagulant therapy 5. What teaching is necessary, with regard to hygiene, for patients receiving anticoagulant therapy? 6. What dietary teaching should be given to patients receiving Warfarin therapy? Antiplatelet Drugs: 1. Describe the basic mechanism of action for this class of drugs: 2. What are the contraindications for this class? 3. Is administration of a combination of antiplatelet drugs frequently done? 4. What specific adverse events can occur with the administration of aspirin in combination with certain other medications? Anti-lipemic Medications: 1. What are the main subclasses of antilipemic medications? 2. Describe, briefly, how each works.

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