Describe the sources of long-term financing for health care organizations.

 What is the normal measurement of the following and what is happening in the heart: a. P wave = b. QRS interval= C. QT interval = 2) When applying leads for a 5 lead ECG, where to you apply each lead? a. White – b. Black – C. Green= d. Red – e. Brown = 3) What is this arrhythmia/dysrhythmia called? What characteristics of this rhythm makes you determine the rhythm? = 4) What are the differences between atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter? 5) What is this arrhythmia and how is it treated? E Determine the following – السر المهمه 3 3 ) Rate: QRS: Rhythm: 3 125% Zoom + Add Page W Insert Table Chart Text Shape Media Comment Rhythm: QRS: anli WWWWWWWWW An ord ents asta Rhythm: QRS: ___ Rate: _ EAP or. Ge W Zoom Add Page Insert Table Chart Text Shape Media Comment AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh ORS: Rate: Rhythm: hin the P: QRS: Rate: – Rhythm: 10) What are the differences between 20 AV block Mobitz I and II? ts AP – Gel

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