Define the term epidemic

What is Ro? What Ro value indicates that the spread of an epidemic is slowing? What value indicates it is growing?

How did the ancient Greeks and Romans explain and respond to disease?

Name the most horrifying and disfiguring infectious diseases of the old world/biblical times.

Explain the major factors behind the early rise in Christianity. What role did disease have in attracting followers to the Christian faith in its early days?

Describe the conditions that prevailed in medieval cities in terms of population density, cleanliness, and the dietary and infectious diseases that were problems. What motivated city inhabitants to bathe frequently?

Explain the cultural factors and diseases responsible for the decimation of the native American population.

What disease devastated Europe in the 1300s and was termed the great demographic regulator?

This disease was also known as the Black Death.

Describe the effect the Black Death had on the rich and the poor. In what ways did the large number of deaths effect the social order? How did it effect workers’ wages? did the black death treat everyone as equal, or did it spare the wealthy? What happened to the banking monopolies and abusive governments and oligarchies?

England’s King Henry the VIII may have suffered from which infectious disease that impacted his views and behaviors as a ruler?

Name the two tropical diseases that were huge obstacles to the Panama Canal project and had a great impact on imperialism.

Describe cholera. It’s causative agent, mode of transmission, symptoms, ease of transmission, infectivity, and its demographic impact on 19th century Western civilization, etc.

Describe smallpox the experiment(s) conducted by Edward Jenner in 1796 and early 1800s

How do ethics come into the reporting of measures of central tendency.

What are standard protocols for nursing interventions of suctioning

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