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Discuss the two of the main “religions” that were involved in the founding of the Thirteen colonies, the Puritans (be sure to describe the Salem Witch Trials too – Puritanism at its worst) and the Quakers (Society of Friends). Remember to discuss these two religions as they were in the 1600s and early 1700s (not as they are today). One long paragraph on the Puritans and one long paragraph on the Quakers should be enough. But make sure you go into a lot of details on the differences between these two religions.

2)When we discuss “The American Revolution” we mean much much more than just military battles in the Revolutionary War of 1775 to 1783 but a period of change that went all the way into the 1790s. But first, discuss in one paragraph how many people argue that this was not really a Revolution at all (that things did not change that much). Then discuss in another paragraph how many other people argue that this was indeed a true and important Revolution (a 180-degree change in things) in human history. That this revolution’s impact on the world was actually very important and signaled something new in the world.

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