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Investigate mineral deficiency. Gather information and make notes on specific regions, countries, climates, cultures, and subpopulations that are more likely to be at risk of specific mineral deficiencies. 2. Have a friend or family member keep a food diary for a week as in your last set task. Keep one yourself. Note all food and drink as well as dietary supplements consumed over this time. Get an estimate of portion sizes and how food is prepared For each of you, determine whether the weekly intake of the major minerals Vitamin intake is adequate With your findings, interview your friend briefly. Discuss with them symptoms one would expect with mineral deficiencies/toxicities you have identified in their diet. Do they have these symptoms? Where they aware of these problems in their diet? How could they improve their mineral intake? Assess yourself in the same manner. ASSIGNMENT Use the information you gathered in Set Task 1 for the first four questions. 1. A basic map of the world indicates regions where specific mineral deficiencies are prevalent in the population. Select 3-5 deficiencies to include on the map, 2. For each of the mineral deficiencies, you mapped in question 1, list reasons why people in areas you indicated might be deficient in this mineral. 3. Using the possible contributing factors to mineral deficiency in specific regions that you identified in question 2 suggest ways that the deficiency could be combated in each region 4. Write no more than one paragraph each of the following, discussing how they can increase the risk of mineral deficiency/ies. • Culture • Climate • Geography 5. Submit the food diaries from Set Task 2 Present the information in a table for each diary. indicating foods/drink and their quantity, with a list of the minerals in each. 6. Create a list of minerals you believe each person is • Deficient in • Getting excess of 7. For each person, create a brief set of dietary guidelines to ensure they are getting appropriate mineral intake each week, 8. Discuss in a paragraph for each person, any symptoms they have that could be attributed at least in part, to incorrect mineral Intake. If they had none, discuss why this may be.

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