Describe the four categories of gastrointestinal medication administration. Then, choose one category and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using that route of medication administration.

What is a short term to solve world hunger not enough?- it only addresses malnutrition deficiencies-it does a little to prevent future hunger-it provides skills training not resource quality for self-sufficiency’- It fosters economic development rather than promoting agricultural development
2. what it means by the circle of malnutrition?Women who begin their pregnancy poorly nutrition can still give birth to healthy infants?-The cycle that begins with the infant consumes a deficient diet- Malnutrition is prepetuated by an inability to meet nutrient needs at all nutrition needs it all lifestages- malnutrition children grow into a undernoished adults
3. what is the state am out nutrition in the world today?- both the underweighted and the undernourished can suffer from malnutrition.- only the undernorished experience high levels of sickness and disability- approximate 10% of all death in children under five years of age are due to undernutrition-The rate of illness related to over consuming are the declining.
4. what consideration is needed to plan for food fortifiction- food has a prolong shelf- life- Foods selected or regular consumed by vulnerable groups- the crop consistently produces thr greates yield- food does not require additional processing
5. which of the following program provide educational in all aspects of food preparation and nutrition for low income families?-expanding food and nutrition education program the EFNEP-heart start-team nutrition-special supplement program for women infants and children (WIC)

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