What is the difference between moist and dry heat preparation? 2. Specific foods require specific measuring techniques. List the appropriate measurements for eggs, flour, gravy, spices and butter. 3. Describe each of the 6 different mixing methods. 4. What is a marinade and why are they used food preparation? 5. Breading is a way to keep food moist. List the pros and cons of breaded food items.

What types of ramifications of relocating and/or living in Hilo, HI for the duration of your pharmacy academic career have you considered? Why does the possibility of living in Hilo appeal to you? What are your concerns and why?

How do you think that the location of the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy will influence your educational experience and how will these influences add value to your pharmacy education?

 What is the total number of calories needed by one person dependent on? body mass O age height gender O all of the above Question 4 (1 point) v Saved The accumulation of an extra calories adds one pound of weight.

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