Which vitamins are likely to be found in supplements in amounts above 100% because they are easily secreted from the body?

A. Vitamin D

B. B-vitamins

C.Vitamin E

D.Vitamin A

2.Which of the following groups is least likely to experience inadequate vitamin intakes?

A.Older adults with dental problems

B.Older adults with swallowing difficulty

C.People intentionally restricting calories

D.Middle-aged men with heart disease

E.People with excessive alcohol intakes

3. All of the following are recommended practices to preserve vitamins in food except:

A.Purchase milk in opaque containers to prevent light from destroying riboflavin

B.Refrigerate fruits and vegetables to slow the breakdown of some vitamins

C.Use minimal water and time to cook vegetables

D.Remove the peel from fruits and vegetables

4.Which must be present for fat-soluble vitamins to be absorbed ?

A.Calcium and intrinsic factor

B.Dietary lipids and insulin

C.Dietary lipids and LDL

D.Dietary lipids and bile

E.calcium and LDL

5.Which is not a good food source of vitamin E?

A.Vegetable oil




E.Canola oil

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