List and describe the five stages of the team-building process. (approx 200 words)
2. Provide an example of a team experience that you have had or have witnessed and describe the team experience in terms of these five stages. (approx. 400 words)
– Be sure to describe a single team experience that illustrates the same team moving through each of the five stages. Be sure to identify each stage as you describe the team experience.
– Your response must describe the team’s behaviors/characteristics in each of the five stages. Be sure to make the connection between the behavior that you are describing and the stage that you feel the team is in.
3. Explain why a manager would benefit from understanding the team-building process. (approx 150 words)
4. Explain how you could use your knowledge of the team-building process to make your future team experiences more productive. (approx 150 words)

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