What priority problem(s) did you identify for Rashid Ahmed? What information led to identification of the priority problemsComplete the following table related to the causes and assessment findings specific to Rashid Ahmed’s fluid imbalance. Cause of fluid deficit Assessment Findings Cause of assessment changes Vomiting and Diarrhea PCC What potential problems could arise if the identified fluid and electrolyte imbalances are not corrected? EBP Identify the rationale for weighing Rashid Ahmed at the same time each day wearing the same clothing. EBP Discuss the rationale for infusion of 0.9% normal saline. S Identify potential patient safety issues T&C What other interprofessional team members should be involved in Rashid Ahmed’s care? Concluding Questions Describe how you would apply the knowledge and skills that you obtained in Rashid Ahmed’s case to an actual patient care situation.

identify and explain 3 effective verbal communication strategies that the registered nurse can use to support a therapeutic nurse to patient relationship

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