Explain the purpose of patient teaching related to the scenario. Describe each learning domain and the ways it is used in patient teaching. Identify the communication phases needed to know what the patient needs are. What pre-planning actions are needed by the nurse to assure the educational needs are met? Develop a teaching plan based on the scenario.

(The scenario: A patient newly diagnosed with coronary artery disease (CAD) needs to be taught a healthful cardiac diet. What are the components of a cardiac diet? The patient learns best by visual and special parameters.)

AssessmentNursing diagnosis*PlanningImplementationEvaluation
Write an assessment related to the person’s needsKnowledge deficit related to . . .as evidenced by. . .Establish learning objectives using behavioral terms.The objectives need to be SMARTImplement the teaching methods.*CognitiveAffectivePsychomotorDetermine whether the objectives were met by the measurements from planning

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