why do people consume bottled water more than tap water

Describe how you could use the Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) to design an educational intervention to improve eating breakfast as a nutritional behavior among children and adolescents by focusing on one or more SCT constructs. 2) Describe some of the risks and benefits surrounding the controversial use of marijuana. 3) Which health behavior model (Social Cognitive Theory, Health Belief Model, Transtheoretical Model (Stages of Change), Ecological Model, as well as more) do you think could best be used in substance abuse recovery and treatment? Provide rationale for your selected model. 4) a. What are the different levels of prevention in public health? b. Which level do you think could best address chronic disease prevention and progression? c. Which level(s) do you think are being implemented to contain the coronavirus pandemic at this time? 5) Which kinds of health issues or risk factors do you think could be addressed in a school-based health program for the following (describe at least two for each group of students): a. Elementary school students b. Middle school students c. High school students 6) Which kinds of interventions (screening, counseling, education, implementation of a new program, involvement of an existing program, etc.) would you consider using to identify and address the following: a. Child abuse and neglect b. Abuse and neglect of a vulnerable adult 7) Select one chronic health disease and identify one or more community health services currently in place to support individuals with this health condition. 8) Identify one public health issue that is relevant for pediatric, adult, and elderly populations. Describe one way that you would attempt to reach and engage each of these populations to improve health behaviors and outcomes among each one.

What was your favorite topic of the course?
2. Based on your nursing school experience thus far, what advice would you give to a prospective nursing student?

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