Which of the following conditions is NOT the characteristic of the early stage of emphysema?

a. Diffusion impairment

b. Merge of alveoli

c. Enlargement of alveoli

d. Increases the total surface area in the lungs for gas exchange

e. Destruction of lung tissue

16. Which of the following conditions about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is/are correct?

I. The FEV1 is less than healthy individuals

II. Excessive mucus in the airway

III. The FEV1/FVC ratio is >0.8

b. II only

c. I only

d. I and II only

e.I, II and III

17. Which of the following conditions leads to respiratory acidosis?

Select one:

Lactic acid accumulation

b. Hyperventilation

c. Hypoventilation

d. At the early stage of pulmonary edema

e. Diffusion impairment

18. Which of the following conditions may lead to metabolic acidosis?

I. Untreated diabetes

II. Diarrhea

III. Fasting for 3 days

a. I and II only

b. I only

c. II only

d. I, II and III

e. II and III only

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