You have moved on from your position at Acme Foods to another division, Acme Entertainment. You have found this recent report from Statistics Canada online, and feel it is an important document to summarise for your Management team. The Management team is made up of the 3 most senior executives in the company. One of them is your manager’s direct supervisor; to your knowledge, none of them knows a great deal about market research. All of the members of the management team are siblings, whose parents started the company 2 years ago when they immigrated to Canada from New Zealand. You want to convert these numbers and summaries from Statistics Canada into an interesting, informative, and cohesive one page essay, describing the current state of the industry to your Management team. This will involve pulling together what you feel is the most important information (3 or 4 key points from the StatsCan report) and developing it into paragraphs that describe current movie and drive in theatre consumer behaviours. your aim is to convert a research report with many facts into a brief summary of a few key points, that shows an interesting perspective on the industry that will help management in their decision-making. – Build toward the learning outcomes of: – Developing proficient and realistic applications of current language usage and style – Developing skills associated with writing for various audiences, making presentations, and preparing effective documentation – Describe a number of techniques and considerations necessary to enhance communications in organizations.

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