Firstly, we cannot express sufficient appreciation to our advisor Mrs. Koran Taker. We are fortunate to have such a passionate and exemplary advisor. Her patience and support enabled us to overcome the challenges encountered by us during our entire journey as an MBA student. She has read our dissertation literally word by word and provided insightful and invaluable feedback that we would not have been able to receive from anyone else. We have truly learned from her how to live as a scholar, a teacher, and a Mentor. We also thank our H. O. D. Ms. Supreme Sinai, for building our inundation as a researcher and teaching us how to write a dissertation. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of the Lovely Professional University colleagues in the program. We also want to thank members of LEAP for their prayers and support. They treated us like their own family. Our love and appreciation go to our family for their endless support. Special thanks to our parent’s, who have provided all of the wonderful opportunities in our life. Executive Summary Emotional intelligence is gaining prevalence in all the walks of personal and professional lives of individual as well as the organizations. With the increasing individual adapt better and manage a meaningful work life with enhanced values and ethical standards. It is desirous on the part of the organizations to tap this potential and lead the company towards an ethical work environment leading to effective performance and heightened satisfaction. With this forethought in mind, the current paper sets out to examine the relationship between the dimensions of emotional intelligence and HARD climate at workplace in Indian Banking sectors. The results suggest that emotional intelligence and its dimensions are significantly related to HARD climate at workplace and variables of emotional intelligence namely, elf awareness, interpersonal connectivity and emotional regulation have a predictive relationship with HARD Climate at workplace. In this study, it was investigated whether there is any impact of HARD Climate on emotional intelligence (II). A survey questionnaire was administered to 1 50 employees from different Banks in Calendar. In this context, HARD is playing an important role in the organizations. HER meaner employees in organization, who work to increase the profit for organization. Development, it is acquisition of capabilities that are needed to do the present Job, or the future expected Job. HARD is the process of helping people to acquire competencies. Climate, this is an overall feeling that is conveyed by the physical layout, the way employees interact

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