Illustrate the role of mutation in Protein Synthesis Step One: Transcribe the DNA strand for normal hemoglobin with mRNA complementary bases: C A C G T G G A G T G A G G A C T C C T C T T T A G A C G G C A C T G A C G G A A T A C C C C C Step Two: Using the chart attached as a reference “”translate”” each triplet of bases above with the corresponding amino acid: (see APPENDIX Table 3-1) Step Three: In the original DNA strand, a point mutation HAS occurred and the third thymine (counting left to right in the original DNA code) has been replaced by adenine. Retranslate that particular amino acid where that point mutation has occurred: Step Four: This point mutation causes a very specific illness described in your text. What is this illness and what are the consequences for an individual with this point mutation? Part B: Analyzing Karotypes and Cellular Genetics Exercise One: Review the following karyotype and answer the related questions below: A. Which chromosomes are autosomes and which are sex chromosomes? B. Is this a male or female? C. This is an abnormal genetic sequence. What is abnormal about it? D. What is the name of this abnormality and what are the consequences of this abnormality for Being a human being? Exercise Two: Review the following karyotype and answer the related question

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