Discuss how social media can create a competitive advantage. (6 marks) (b) What is organizational development, and how does it differ from traditional approaches to organizational change? Briefly explain the characteristics of organizational development (6 marks) Discuss the three traditional organizational designs and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each. (8 marks) (Total: 20 marks) Question 3 (a) Explain the various substitutes for leadership and give examples of situations when leadership may not be necessary. (6 marks) (b) Define employee orientation. Explain the benefits of a proper orientation for new employees. (6 marks) (c) As a manager of a large team of engineers, you notice that your team is falling short of its goals primarily because several team members are either not motivated to put in their best or are downright dissatisfied with their jobs. You have decided to follow Herzberg’s two-factor theory to motivate your employees. What steps can you take to maximize motivation

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