Evaluate the effectiveness of an orientation training that you received for your last job or current job. Did you feel the orientation training was purposeful and valuable to your on-boarding for that organization? Explain your rational. If your organization didn’t have an orientation training, do you think the organization should have an orientation training program? Why or why not? And would an orientation training help new employees better transition into the organization?
Next, from your viewpoint, how important is organizational training to an employee and to the organization? Discuss ways organizations could evaluate the effectiveness of their internal training programs.
Lastly, assume you want to get promoted at work within the next 3 years. What development opportunities should you seek out to help you get promoted? What specific skills and competencies do you need to develop and why did you select those specific skills and competencies?Explain what you identify as the most important traits of a successful company. Additionally, explain what you identify as the ideal traits of founders, providing a specific examples.

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