Discuss concisely the molecular mechanism by which zymochymotrypsinogen activation by trypsin yields a catalytically active protein known as a-chymotrypsin (15 Marks). QUESTION A3 Briefly explain the nature and significance of prions (15 Marks). QUESTION A4 Antitrypsin (ALAT) is a natural inhibitor of elastase. Explain the molecular mechanism that underpins the effect of cigarette smoke on AIAT deficiency (10 Marks). How does it change the binding affinity constant (Kd) of A1AT with elastase ? (5 Marks). QUESTION A5 Ras protein is an example of a molecular switch used in eukaryotic cells in signal transduction. Briefly describe the underpinning molecular mechanism and structural changes that allows Ras to achieve its regulatory function (15 Marks). QUESTION A6 Figure 2 below shows a hydropathy plot of a given protein. Briefly discuss with justification the topological structure of the protein that can be inferred from the plot

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