Discuss the lab technique used to detect hemoglobin level using hemocue(10marks)

Anemia is a clinical condition where the concentration of hemoglobin, the particle responsible for carrying oxygen to tissues, gets reduced to meet the requirement. Anemia can be diagnosed by measuring hemoglobin concentration in the blood. Previously this was analyzed after collecting blood from a vein in the lab that would require a couple of hours to get the result. Nowadays a rapid test kit called “HemoCue” has gained popularity to screen for anemia from capillary blood that takes less than a minute to measure the hemoglobin concentration.

Please draft a Lab manual for “Measuring Hemoglobin concentration and Diagnosing Anemia” based on the provided lab manual format. You might find the following instructions helpful:

Executive Summary: Briefly describes the definition of anemia and the importance of rapid hemoglobin measurement

Equipment: List the equipment required to perform the experiment and the functions for each of them

Methods: Describe how would perform the experiment

Result: Leave the section blank

Interpretation: Provide the WHO range for diagnosing anemia based on the hemoglobin concentration or different age, sex, and condition

Conclusion: Formulate some advice for normal and people with varying degrees of anemia separately.

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