Explain with reference to the context any FIVE of the following. (Word limit: 100 word each)

a. “BLUNTSCHLI. My rank is the highest known in Switzerland: I’m a free citizen.”

b. RAINA. Our ideas of what Sergius would do-our patriotism-our heroic ideals. Oh, what faithless little creatures girls are! I sometimes used to doubt whether they were anything but dreams. WhenI buckled on Sergius’s sword he looked so noble: it was treason to think of disillusion or humiliation or failure. And yet and yet-(Quickly.) Promise me you’ll never tell him.

c. PETKOFF (too preoccupied to notice her as he shakes Bluntschli’s hand heartily). Those stupid people of mine thought I was out here, instead of in the -haw!- library. (He cannot mention the library without betraying how proud he is of it.)I saw you through the window. I was wondering why you didn’t come in. Saranoff is with me: you remember him, don’t you?

d. LOUKA (wistfully). I wish I could believe a man could be so unlike a woman as that. I wonder are you really a brave man?

e. LOUKA. Did you find in the

charge that the men whose

fathers are poor like mine were

any less brave than the men who

are rich like you?f. SERGIUS. What a man! What a man!

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