Explain why it is acceptable for some ready to eat food products to be positive for S. aureus but not for SalmonellaIdentify which one of the four levels of protein structural organization could be used to describe the globular protein’s final three-dimensional shape? (1 point) b) There are many factors that can affect/change the shape and function of a protein. Identify two environmental factors (characteristics of the area/space surrounding the protein) that can affect/change the shape and function of a globular protein, like the one in the figure above? (2 points) c) Proteins are constructed from amino acid monomers. Amino acids can be polar or nonpolar. This is one factor that determines the shape of a globular protein. Nonpolar amino acids are hydrophobic. In the protein above, describe where the nonpolar amino acids are likely to be found if the protein is surrounded by waterDescribe how calcitonin and parathyroid hormone maintain calcium levels in the body.

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