Describe the structure of the kidney, including the three regions and their function. A. What is the blood supply of nephrons within the kidney? B. Describe the part of the nephron. C. How does the kidney function in ensuring the pH of blood is maintained? 2. Growth hormone does an important role in stimulating bone growth. A. What hormone goes growth hormone work in conjunction with? B. You notice a patient with huge hands and facial bones. What condition does this patient have and what is it caused by? 3.List and give a brief explanation of all the organs within the urinary system. – A. Which structure within the urinary system differs the most between males and females? Why is this a concern? 4. What is the difference between bone growth via endochondral ossification and intramembranous ossification? A. What feature is responsible in determining the growth of long bones (and overall height)? 23 APR

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