What is the difference between gamma decay and a gamma ray? They both are gamma rays (electromagneticz); gamma decay is the energy released by a transition electron that moves from a higher orbit to a lower orbit as a result of a beta decay event that took earlier in a radioactive isotope resulting in the spontaneous release of an inner electron. b. Gamma decay is the energy of a fast moving electron Gamma rays come from outer-space while gamma decay comes from earth d. Gamma rays can be used only for diagnostics (like in PET) while gamma decay is used for therapeutics NONE C. e. 1 12. FDG is a fluorine isotope-labelled glucose sugar widely used in cancer diagnostics, especially using PET. Why is this compound used in PET? Negative identification of hypoxic cells and positive identification of cancer cells b. Positive identification of kidney failures Treatment of brain tumors d. Treatment of organs that are sensitive to X-rays NONE a. c. e. 13. A truck carrying nuclear material meant for a power plant met with a road accident resulting in a massive explosion leading to several kilograms of radioactive materials being thrown out into the air. People living within a mile radius from the accident site were suspected to be influenced by this accident. It was later known that the radiation is caused only by electromagnetic emission. The victims were treated adequately and any loss of property, life and health has been addressed. Two years later, an individual came forward to suggest that he was a victim of radiation exposure. Although he did not experience any physical trauma or visible injuries due to radiation exposure, he claims that the authorities failed to provide him with adequate medical diagnosis and treatment which caused blindness due to radiation-induced cataract. He filed a law suit against the US Government. But the judge declined to even hear the case after looking over the initial evidences. Which of the following may have convinced the judge to throw away the case? a. His 18-month old son, who was in his mother’s womb at the site of the radiation, was born with no malformations or eye defects. b. The numerical classification of his cataract is not 4

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