What is the full process of Aerobic respiration? can you explain it with a picture?How much food was added to the blender? 20.489 2. How much sterile water was added to the blender? 180me 3. What is the dilution of the original food sample in the blender? 200.48 me 4. What is the volume of the blender mixture you will be adding to the 99mL water blank? Make sure you take into account the materials you have been provided. Do you have the ability to measure that volume? 5. Design the dilution scheme for your experiment. Use the diagram below as a guide, drawing the appropriate arrows and labeling each arrow with the volume you plan to pipette. The arrows you draw will represent a sample is being taken from one container and the point of the arrow will show where the sample is being placed 99 mL Shevile Water Blended Food Sample DOO 1:100 11,000 1:10,000 6. Count the colonies on the Eugon pour plates and report the total#CFUs/g of food in the table below. Plate Colony Count CFU/g 1:100 100 ~ 1:1,000 57. 1:10,000 12 7. Can you determine whether or not there are coliforms present in the food sample, using the EMB results (yes or no)? What observations did you make in order to come to that conclusion

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