How do the radiogenic ages of the samples brought back by Apollo 11 and 12 compare to the “typical” ages of rocks from the Earth? (choose one of the following) There is no way to compare the ages They are much older They are much younger They are about the same age Byrs, while the Byrs. (choose one of the 2. The radiogenic age of Apollo 11 basalt is about radiogenic age of Apollo 12 basalt is about following) 3.6 … 0.8 3.6… 3.2 0.8 … 3.6 3.2…3.6 0.8… 0.8 3. The mare surfaces at the Apollo 11 landing site were much darker than the mare surfaces at the Apollo 12 landing site. This was due to differences in the amount of ___ in the basalt samples. (choose one of the following) Iron (Fe) Titanium (TI) Water (H20) Silicon (SI) than the basalt from 4. The glass from the Apollo 12 site is much richer in the Apollo 12 site (choose one of the following) Titanium (TI) Water (H20) Iron (Fe) Aluminium (AI)

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